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1年がかりで完成! It Took One Year to Complete!

自分でもどうしてこんなことが好きなのかわからないのですが、のめり込んでしまうクロス・スティッチ。それも、ややこしければややこしいほど燃えてくるのです(^ ^;)。というわけで1年がかりで出来上がった作品です。その間、贈り物として作った小さな作品も3つあります。みんな、嫁ぎ先で元気にしてるかな〜。

Cross stitching. I don't know why but I get so indulged in it. The thing is, the more complicated a design, the more excited I get (^ ^;). Here it is; a project that took me a year to finish!! There are also three other small projects that I made as gifts. I wonder how they are doing at each of their homes.

by danceofdragon | 2010-10-21 03:24

泣けました~ A Moment of Tears

ドラゴンを育てるのは決して楽な仕事ではありません。自分のストレスや不満、不安、要求など全てを親にぶつけてきます。野球の直球みたいに飛んでくることもあれば、ボクシングのボディブローのように、じわじわとくることもあります。思春期の兆候か、1年くらい前から手強くなってきました。親としての技量を試される毎日、時には真正面から闘いに挑み、時には防波堤になったつもりでじっと荒波を受けるのですが、さすがに耐えきれず、精神的疲労から泣いてしまうこともあります(- -;)。でもこの日は違っていました。なんと出たのは嬉し涙だったのです!



ドラゴン、両脇を抱えられて棒にしがみついたではありませんか! 「本当にやるの〜〜!?」慌ててカメラを取り出してシャッターを押していると、涙がどどっとあふれてきました。海兵隊のお兄ちゃんたちの大きな声援を浴びながら、歯を食いしばって、、、。な、、なんか感動しちゃって、、。カンフーで黒帯に昇格した時より嬉しかったかも~(涙o涙)〜。一緒に行ったU家の人たちに、しっかり目撃されてしまいましたよ(^_^;)。


ところでこの日、後になって、ドラゴンがきょとんとした顔で聞いてきました。「マミィ、どうして泣いたの?」だって。ひゃぁ~!親の心子知らずとはこのことか~(- -;)!!

A Moment of Tears

Raising dragon is no easy job. He never fails to take out all his stress, frustration, worry and desire on his parents. Sometimes it comes like a fastball in baseball. Other times it comes gradually like body blows in boxing. It may be a sign of adolescence, but since about a year ago, it has become especially difficult to deal with him. Everyday I feel that my parental capacity is being tested. Some days I challenge a straightforward battle with him. Other days I imagine myself transformed into a breakwater, quietly tolerating rough waves. However, every once in a while, things would come to a point where I give way to tears out of exhaustion(- -;). But that particular day, it was different. It was tears of joy that I let out!

One of the things we often see at festivals here and there is a Marine booth. It is of course one of their promotional activities for recruiting soldiers. Most of the time, the Marine booth has a pull-up bar and if you try pull-ups, you get some reward. On one weekend we went to a dragon boat festival in San Francisco. There, Casey tried and did five pull-ups. He actually did seven pull-ups but two were disqualified (^_^;). Dragon, on the other hand, hesitated. I wouldn't blame him considering he had to do it in public. He is also not the type of kid who would challenge a game if he knew he might loose.

After we came home, however, all of a sudden he vigorously started practicing pull-ups. Every minute he could find, he went to the backyard and practiced. He sometimes asked me to watch him do or other times he came to me to report the number of pull-ups he had done. Then came the following weekend. We found the Marine booth at the air show held annually in Salinas. Dragon looked a bit nervous. Still I didn't believe he would try until the last minute. I was completely wrong.

Holding up both arms, he emerged upward and grabbed the bar!! "Is he really going to do it???!!!" After a struggle to get the camera out of my purse, I started pressing the shutter. Then all of a sudden tears started flowing out of my eyes. Surrounded by young Marines giving him big, loud cheers, he was doing his best with his teeth clenched. I was so, so, so amazed..... I may have been impressed much more than the time he advanced to a black belt in his Kung Fu!! 〜(涙o涙)〜 Embarrassingly, the U family were with us and they saw everything ...(^_^;)

Dragon did six pull-ups and got several posters as a reward. I felt like I received a big reward, too. Although stormy days with him will continue for a while, a day like this also comes every once in a while. I guess I have to firmly accept dragon as he is as his parent. After all he is surely growing up a little by little, going back and forth between a baby and an adult.

Later that day, innocently he said, "Why were you crying, Mommy?" I almost fainted. This is exactly, "No child knows how dear he is to his parents (- -;) !!"

by danceofdragon | 2010-10-15 10:34

長崎観光その2 Nagasaki Sightseeing Part Two



The second day started with heavy rain.  Aunt H and her family live in Nagasaki.  Things had been arranged that Aunt H and her two daughters-in-law would pick us up at the hotel and drive to the Atomic Bomb Museum.  So there we were without getting wet.  I was amazed that the museum, rebuilt in 1996, had been considerably upgraded.  Although it was not the tourist season, the museum was almost full and, to my surprise, most visitors were foreigners.  
The replica of the front part of the bombed Urakami Cathedral was the first thing to come into sight.  Among various displays were a metal helmet with melted human skull bones attached to it, a piece of wooden wall that had the shadows of a human and a ladder printed on it by the bomb flash, a curved metal structure, a wall clock that had stopped at 11:02, exact time of the the bombing, an atomic bomb model called “Fat Man,” etc.  Different from a regular museum, things there made me feel like turning my eyes away.  However, I told myself that I had to burn them into my memory.  Although people around us were vigorously taking pictures of the displays, I didn’t feel like taking pictures at all.  This visit clearly reminded me that this horror of the atomic bomb should never be forgotten even 100 or 200 years later.  

In the rain, we moved to a Japanese restaurant for lunch.  Typically for Nagasaki, down the stairs at the far end of a narrow alley stood a Japanese style building with atmosphere.  We enjoyed our reuniting after years over delicious Japanese cuisine.  With the two sons of Aunt H, (that is, my cousins), I used to play every summer in my childhood.  We didn’t get to see them this time but it somehow made me smile to imagine the two boys, now grown up to be trustworthy dads with pretty wives. (^_^)  
この後は別行動、母とH叔母さんは二人でホテルに戻りました。姉妹水入らずで積もる話もいっぱいでしょう。 ドラゴンと私は、1893年に、当時長崎に住んでいた中国人によって建てられた孔子廟に行ってみました。黄色や赤の鮮やかな色彩、等身大の石像、ドラゴンが持っているのと同じ武器の数々、自分がまるでカンフー映画の中にいるような気になります。何が面白かったかって、そこの売店が楽しいのなんの。ブルース・リー商品もたくさんあって欲しい物ばかり。すっかり長居して、おみやげやらたんまり買い物しました。ドラゴンは、五島でもらったバイト代で、「三国志」の登場人物と「麒麟」のペア人形を買っていました。売店のおばちゃんにすっかり気に入られたドラゴン、また来てねと言われてましたよ。(^_^;)

We split after lunch. My mother and Aunt H went back to the hotel.  Surely they needed some time alone to catch up with each other.  Dragon and I headed for Koshi-Byo (Confucian Shrine), which was built in 1893 by Chinese residents in Nagasaki.  Vivid colors of yellow and red, life-size stone statues, and a number of weapons just like the ones dragon has.  I felt like being in a Kung Fu movie myself.  The best thing about the place was the museum shop.  Was it fun or not!?  There were so many things I wanted to buy, including Bruce Lee goods.  Staying there quite a while, we ended up buying a lot of souvenirs and other things.  Dragon, using the money he had earned from working in Goto, bought small figures of the characters from “Records of Three Kingdoms” and those of a pair of legendary creatures of China, Ki and Rin.  The lady at the shop liked dragon so much she said to him, “Come back again.” (^_^;)

We then went to “Dejima.”  During the self-imposed isolation time of Japan, Nagasaki was the only port open to foreign trade.  “Dejima” was a small man-made island built in 1634.  The main purpose was to have Portugese merchants live there in order to prevent the colonization and the spread of Chiristianity.  Now that Dejima is surrounded with land that has been gradually reclaimed later, it was hard to recognize it once used to be an island.  The reconstruction and reproduction of the town took place.  Actually I had never been there before.  We liked this seemingly out-of-place but interesting scene; the western-style dining set sitting in a tatami room.  It rained on and off all day but we enjoyed the relaxing sightseeing.

At night we had a pleasant surprise that one of Aunt H’s daughter-in-laws came to the hotel with her daughter.  Isn’t it amazing that these two are also related by blood?

by danceofdragon | 2010-10-08 00:42