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レイちゃんは盲導犬の卵 Rae is a Future Guide Dog

レイちゃんが来てこの方、予想通り、忙しくてブログが書けません(- -;)。書きたいことは山ほどあるのにぃ。「そういう時ほど書けないのよね〜。」と、ブログをなかなか更新しないのを心配して電話をくれたchiezoさんと話したところです。3ヶ月の赤ちゃんだったレイちゃんも既に6ヶ月、ずいぶん大きくなりました。



でも最初はケーシーに反対されました。途中で手放すなんてドラゴンに酷すぎる、飼うなら家族の一員として最後まで飼うべきだと。でも、そういうケーシーがペットとして犬を飼うのを嫌がっていて、犬の話をすると不機嫌になってしまいます。「思いっきり矛盾してるよ(- -;)。だったら尚更パピィ・レイジングしかないじゃないの。」ワンちゃんを心待ちにしているドラゴンを裏切るわけにはいきません。

Since Rae came to our house, as I expected, I hardly have time to update the blog. (- -;) There is so much that I want to write about. “The more to write about, the less time to write.” I just had such a conversation with chiezo-san. She called the other day, worried about my long silence. Rae, who was only three months old when she came, is now six months old. She has grown so much bigger.

Anyway, this is the second part of my story of how we came to have Rae. Firmly catching the message delivered by the white messenger, a decision was made, “We are going to have a dog!” On the other hand, we had to think level-headedly. If we were to make a commitment to take care of a dog during his whole 10 years-plus life. I was already so overloaded physically as well as mentally with princess who needs constant care. There was no capacity left in me to be responsible for another life. Financial responsibility was also another issue. Abandoning a dog irresponsibly just because it has become inconvenient for us is the last thing I would ever want to do.

So I turned my eyes to another option, “Puppy Raising,” which is to raise a guide dog puppy. I thought I could put all my effort into the puppy if I knew it would be temporary. Yes, as some of you already know, Rae is a puppy born to be a guide dog for the blind. Not our pet.

First, Casey strongly opposed the idea, saying it would be too cruel to Andrew. Knowing that we would have to return the puppy one day. He said if we were going to have a dog, we should take care of him as part of the family until the very end. However, he was the one who didn’t want to have a pet dog at all. Every time we brought up the subject, his face grew sour. “It doesn’t make sense at all (- -;). Puppy raising is the only choice we have, isn’t it?” I just could not disappoint dragon who was so looking forward to having a dog.

I talked to dragon about raising a guide dog puppy but at first he didn’t catch on. I would not blame him since he had never seen a guide dog before. He also said he didn’t like the idea of returning the puppy one day. However, as I explained, he began showing some interest. He imagined what if someone close to him becomes blind.... “It won’t do any harm just checking out what it is like, huh?” It was late January when I emailed an organization called, “Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB)” which I had already found on the internet. Meanwhile, Rae had given her first cry two days earlier in the kennel of the organization, which of course there was no way for us to know... (to be continued)

by danceofdragon | 2011-07-26 11:43