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小さな白いメッセンジャー A Little White Messenger


夜、ドラゴンのカンフークラスが終わって帰ってきた時のこと、お向かいさんの前庭でなにやら白い物体が動いている、、、と思った瞬間、ドラゴンが「犬だぁ!」と叫んで猛ダッシュ、次の瞬間には犬を抱っこしたドラゴンが目の前に。。。メスのチワワです。もうドラゴンの喜びようったらなんと形容していいのやら。走り回って水を準備したり、パンを持ってきたり。名前まで考え始めてます。「すっかり飼う気でいる、、、。(- -;)」呆気にとられたままドラゴンの嬉しそうな表情を見ていると、どうすればいいのかわからなくなってしまいました。





How did we come to have Rae? This long story cannot begin without talking about a mysterious encounter with this dog. It goes back to November of last year. All of a sudden, this dog appeared out of nowhere.

Night had fallen when we came home from dragon’s Kung Fu class. Something caught my eye, something white moving in a neighbor’s front yard. But before I realized what it was, dragon dashed toward it, crying, “That’s a DOG!!!” The next moment, he was back with the dog in his arms. A female chihuahua. I cannot describe how excited he was. He ran around to get some water and bread for her. He was already trying to name her. “Oh, no, he thinks she is already his dog...(- -;)” Dumbfounded and fascinated with overjoyed dragon, I was totally at a loss what to do.

Casey was out of town for a business trip that night. Soon he called to see how we were doing. When I talked about the dog, he calmly said, “We don’t know who she belongs to. We just can’t keep the dog like that. You have to take her to an animal care center where they will look for the owner.” Although he made complete sense, I couldn’t help taking sides with dragon. However, I eventually returned to my senses and decided to do what Casey had said.

Needless to say, this conversation made dragon so upset. He dashed out of the house, crying out so loudly. I hung up the phone and ran outside to find dragon sobbing so hard. There was no dog. To my surprise, he had let the dog go. “What? Did you let her go?” I frantically looked around but she wasn’t anywhere. I had to put so much effort to comfort him, saying, “I think she went back to her owner. It was very courageous of you, you were able to give her up.”

All this took place in about 30 minutes. The situation was so intense, intense enough to make me sure that having a dog would be good for dragon. It had already been proven with hamsters that his love for animals is extraordinary. I seriously began to think about a dog that night.

One more thing. Later, I told my sister-in-law about what happened. Guess what she said! “That must be a messenger. Wasn’t the dog white?” We had never seen the dog before. We have never seen it since. Was she really a messenger for us? I think she was; “a little white messenger.”

by danceofdragon | 2011-05-14 11:54