ルパンが残したもの What Lupin Left Us







「うちに来てくれてありがとう。」 今、ルパンに言えるのはこのひと言です。墓標として置いた石にドラゴンが書いた言葉も「Thank you」でした。 生きること死ぬことで私たちに多くのことを教えてくれたルパン、初めてのペットとして、ドラゴンの心の中にずっと生き続けることと思います。

Lupin, our little cute hamster, died the other day.

He was just fine until the night before, vigorouly eating his food. It was not long after we celebrated the two years of having him. Although we all knew he had aged a lot and it wouldn’t be so far away, his death still came all of a sudden.

Dragon usually said Hi to Lupin before going to school. For some reason, however, the morning of the day, we all overslept. Everything was hectic and dragon just rushed out, with no time to even get close to the cage. After everybody was gone, I took a piece of apple to Lupin as usual and found him down, barely breathing.

Without waiting for dragon to come home, Lupin passed away early in the afternoon. I gave dragon the sad news when he got back from school. He had one of his friends over, which kept him more or less distracted. But after the friend left, it was time to face Lupin’s death. Dragon and I worked together, putting some woodshaving in a small box and laying Lupin in it. Then later I saw dragon gallantly arranging Lupin’s favorite food and gem stones around him.

“Is he really dead?” Still in disbelief, he could not leave Lupin’s side. I could not blame him, because what we saw in the box was the usual adorable Lupin as if he was sound asleep. When he was still breathing, his eyes were wide open, making it so heartbreaking to see. But at the last moment, he closed his eyes. Somehow I was deeply moved by his appearance. He looked so peaceful, as if he was satisfied to have lived through his given life. “He is so cute, isn’t he? He looks so comfortable, doesn’t he?” We just cried and cried.

After Casey came home, he dug a hole in the backyard in the dark. We buried Lupin. The two years with Lupin was truly a joyous time for us. Looking at his cute gestures was very comforting. We also got bitten by him!! There are so many episodes about Lupin that I cannot write all of them. He was a palm-size tiny life but his presence was huge for us.

“Thank you for coming to us.” This is the only thing I want to say to Lupin now. Dragon, too, wrote “Thank you” on a rock that we used as a grave marker. Lupin taught us a lot by living and dying. He will continue to live in dragon’s heart as his very first pet.

by danceofdragon | 2009-11-17 02:23